• Mother Earth Unboxing | Celebrate Spring

    #1 Best Selling Book| Weekly Desk Pad| Plantable (Blank) Greeting Card: by The Bower Studio| Plant Themed (Blank) Greeting Card| 2 Forever Love Stamps| Handmade Italian Notebook| Roll-on Lip Gloss, infused with real flowers: by Blossom| Eco-friendly Canvas Tote| *Few more added product surprises
  • International Women's Day by Papyrus Box

    Today we join in celebrating International Women’s Day by participating in contributing to create a more inclusive world by giving women the tools...
  • How Papyrus Box Got Started

    I appreciate the therapeutic advantages of putting thoughts and ideas down on paper. Every action begins with a thought. I may take time out of my busy day to sit down at a café with my journal book and write down thoughts on new business ideas.