Mariska Swartz - Yoga


I grew up in South Africa where I was a competitive junior tennis player. I have been practicing yoga for 20 years & teaching yoga for 10 years. I am excited to be part of Papyrus Box Wellness. 


 I have learned from world renown teachers (Baron Baptiste, Sarah Powers, & Rod Stryker). Important key lessons I have learned are; to be my authentic self, to really “see” my students, & how to become more still & appreciate the depth & importance of Yin Yoga & meditation (mindfulness). Stillness is a great teacher as it gets us in touch with our authentic self & our inner wisdom. 

My approach to leading classes is grounded & flexible that always considers the students needs & where they are at physically & mentally. I focus on leading students through connection, compassion, & simple yet profound yoga experiences.

My passion for yoga lies in helping & improving the lives of others as well as guiding my life of continuing study & self-evolution.

Please join me for the pleasure & benefits of yoga in an inspiring & relaxing environment.